Melvina's White & Gold 50th Birthday Celebration

It’s been awhile since we’ve blog and boy oh boy we have got allot to catch up on. We’ve have been busy all summer long capturing a variety of events! We are happy to share this beautiful White & Gold 50th Birthday Celebration we had the opportunity to capture.

We were contacted earlier this year and booked for this Summer All white party. The theme was Chicago since the honoree was originally from there. Family and Friends travel from near and far to be apart of this great night.

Hosted at Eagles Landing Country Club in Stockbridge, Georgia. The DJ kept the crowd on the floor with a great mix of old school new school and classic Chicago! The MC of the night kept the crowd engage. Their were gift being handed out all night by raffle tickets that were given to every guest as they entered the room. Chicago Skyline was the Step and Repeat and a delicious dinner was served your choice of Salmon or Chicken. The guest danced the night away as they tossed to the birthday girl. We were so thrilled that we could be apart of this celebration and captured moments from this milestone.

Venue- Eagle’s Landing Country Club

Event Designer - A&K Audrey & Kacey Batiste 254-338-5704 or 254-535-9255

Introduce Yourself.... Outtakes from a recent Video Shoot !

Introduce yourself right on right on... These are a few of my outtakes during a recent video shoot... I'm actually super shy in front of the camera... but in person I'm super silly love to laugh and have a good time... in my earlier days... I use to rap so I love rhymes and poetry... not the strongest lyricists but my words would rhyme and I thought they were Dope!!! Now a days you can catch me capturing special moments for special people! I enjoy connecting with people. My real joy is using my camera to create clean crisp images to assist business owners in leveling up their brand. so that brings me to Our up and coming portfolios and perspective style shoot workshop happening on April 21, 2018 learn more about it the link is in our bio So you wanna be in pictures Contact us today! 770.272.2420

On April 21, 2018 we are hosting our portfolios and perspective style shoot workshop you can learn more about it here! 

Meet the Parents

On this day February 7, 2000 my father made his exit from the planet.  Thinking back over my life and my fondness of photography and the journey of capturing the world through the eyes of my lens came very natural to me seeing that all of our lives my parents always kept a camera and photograph candid moments all through our childhood and beyond. We even schedule family photo sessions at the nearest photo studio  for the professional photographs. As a teenager into adulthood I did the same thing always having a camera near to capture candid moments of our surroundings and photographing classmates at school! So today as I reflect on my dad and all the life lessons he brought myself  and siblings.I'm thankful that he left us fond memories and images that  told a tale of  time in our personal history. Today I honor you dad  and I thank you for the life lesson you taught me! 

Camera People parents with Camera
Just like my parents

Now many moons later I find myself as a photographer capturing memories not only for myself and family moments I’m now able to provide timeless memories for host of families that I’m given the pleasure to meet throughout the years. So thankful for my parents who with unspoken words instilled in us the importance of capturing personal histories of people through images. An image can truly be worth a thousand words. 

In Loving Memory of my Dad! - 

About A Week Ago!

Last week we were basking in beautiful weather like it was springtime right in the middle of January! (We are located in Atlanta) Nervously preparing myself for a photo session.. overthinking the process ( information we tell our clients not to do) fumbling through the closet trying to find just the right outfit(s) to wear. Looking around to grab the right props to incorporate in the that minute I was overloading with too many ideas and anxiety as time was coming closer to rushing out the door... calling the photographer and pushing our scheduled time back grabbing my son... (my behind the scenes photographer) and running out the door making one stop by the store to pickup  balloons. So upon arrival photographer /artist Jayce the Artist was just so pleasant laid back... as shy as I am she helped me to be comfortable and I was able to relax and tell about my journey in this photography and just like that magic happen. Pure authentic natural photographs were captured. Thank you Jayce for your patience craft and your ability to capture me in a way that brought so much joy when images were received. Wow E Wow this just happened about a week ago!

Music that Motivates- Feel Good Playlist

I'm not sure about you but when I need a little pick me up I have a playlist of songs that get me grooving... I'm listing out my Feel Good Music Playlist... Tell me what's yours.... 

Fine China- Chris Brown 

Good Life - Kayne West featuring T-Pain

Treasure- Bruno Mars 

Move Like Jagger- Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera 

Champagne Life - Neyo 

It's Your World - Jennifer Hudson featuring - R. Kelly

Happy- Pharrell Williams 

Not For Long- BOB featuring - Trey Songz

It's My Birthday....

This past weekend  I experienced what I hope that my clients experience when they received their link of images. I was all smiles to open up my images captured by Jayce the photographer! I’ve been a fan of her work as I watch how the art unveils itself in the images that she post on her social media platforms! She captured me in the way that I pray comes off to those who I've encounter beautiful colorful artsy and fun! Thank you Jayce for the opportunity to capture the true essence of who I am in the form of your art and images! I’m beyond excited!!! What a great way to start of my anniversary of my birth!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!


Behind the scenes of our session!