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What We Do...

Personal Paparazzi & Portfolio Building Service. Images tells a story about your brand who you are and what you do.

Creating compelling and detail images from your event is our #1 priority in working for you!

kustom Kreation Wedding

I Do Collections 

Our wedding photography services captures your special day in a very artistic natural way. This is a special day and we feel it needs to be capture in the most special way that tells a story of love commitment and a witness of those who are true and dear to your hear.  See more here!

The Head shot Hangout

Photo Sessions - Portrait Services 

Our photo sessions serves a variety of needs weather you are capturing family memories documenting your last year in high school or you are in need of business head shots are portrait services can provide you with the imagery you need to meet your goal. Each session is customized to meet your need. Learn more about our sessions here! 

Elisha Akram - Kustom Kreation Photography

Meet Elisha!

Creative Colorful & Fun. I’m head photographer, and party décor designer Elisha Akram and I believe that life’s key moments should be celebrated, and captured in a way that keeps you in remembrance of those special moments. We love the opportunity to capture the world your world through the eyes of our lens. Creating beautiful visual art from your photo session or special event.

Social Event Photography

Where the party at?

Social Event Photography Services


What we Do

Artistic Lifestyle Photographer who come and capture the heart and soul of your event. We aim to capture every detail tat went into the planning of your event. We go around and capture the guest and we are constantly surveying the event to capture that one memorable moment that can be treasured in your heart for years to come! 

For over a decade we have been capturing precious moments of family children events and so much more. To be booked by a client to produced astounding images for them is one of the most thrilling things that we do. Meeting families growing with families it brings so much joy to us.

So many times I’m smiling ear to ear and just so happy to be blessed to be a part of what is presently going on. 


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