Special Event Tips : Hire Live Entertainment

Social Events we all love to attend Birthday Parties, Graduations, Baby Showers and Weddings! It’s fun preparing and getting ready to attend the event. Besides meeting and greeting an arrange of people and enjoying good foods and drinks, Allot of us all enjoy some form of entertainment.

I will admit I love live entertainment and a live band… Whew… That just brings a smile over my face. As a social event photographer during any given year we are always on location at someone’s special occasion! We have such a happy job!!! Always at a Party!!! Well we came across this gem from a college graduation we had the opportunity to capture. This dynamic duo really wild the crowd with their classic tunes! Very talented couple! We are working to get the information to give these two proper credit! Enjoy Let’s Stay Together!

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My Truth ... My Success.....

Reflections of Success on my journey in Photography….

Elisha Akram - Brand Ambassador for the everyday person

Shiny Pretty Success Business 

Dreams of Success using the natural gifts that we possess and learning things along the way. 

I never looked at myself as successful. Although I've been running around with my camera for years and at one point I was capturing so many special events I was like ... I am the women I'm running this event scene in Atlanta 

I'm the go to event photographer and I'm working with so many event planners and what makes it even better is that I'm a Certified event planner too!

That makes my job even better. Not only do I capture great images to tell the story of the event, but I pay attention to details and I'm building everyone’s portfolio! 

Yay me!!! 

Well well.... it wasn't until I attended a photography workshop and I straight came out of my bubble.... I thought everyone in attendance were new to this game of photography , but when I start seeing all the photo gear and seeing photos taken by my fellow photographer I suddenly realize... Oh you are not who you think you are for sure. 

I became intimated and now I didn't want to show my work due to being called out by rookie errors and not knowing the proper way to balance light for the photos. 

Well I continued into my dream world of being the go to social event photographer and I was determine to polish up my skills 

So again I would look at all these magazine worthy photos and great shots with beautiful lighting with hopes that one day I will be that successful photographer

I had hopes to work with some of the finest vendors in Atlanta! 

Then one day after going through some images from an event I realize I worked along side of a vendors that is in the who's who of events around Atlanta and that wow... You really are successful.

uncertain of what that really meant for me in the beginning but through this journey I realize you have captured amazing images you work with amazing vendors and your images have been used in magazines, blogs book covers flyers and so much more. So success is all in what it is meant to you personally and goals that you set out to achieve... 

So re design success on what that means to you and you will be and Already Are successful!

Elisha Akram You Can Photographer.jpg

It's a great day to be alive.

Elisha ~ 

Olde Town Conyers Wine Festival 2018

Recently we were on location to capture images for this first inaugural Olde Town Conyers (Georgia) Wine Festival hosted by the OTC Wine Group. Great night of networking with a mix of great food prepared by Chef Paula and delicious wines provided by Corks and Cuvee!

Olde Town Conyers Wine Festival 2018 OTC Wine Group, LLC host "An Evening of Curated Cuisine & Wine Elegance" This Inaugural event features local celebrated Chefs and exquisite wines from around the globe.