Kustom Wedding Collections 

Our Wedding Packages offer a variety of packages that is suitable and customize for your special day! 

Our Collections start at $899 

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Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Collection
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Our photo journalistic Artistic photo style will create stylish images of your wedding that will give you the feeling of being in the moment each time pictures are showcase.  We will cover your wedding from the beginning until the end. Additional hours of coverage are $150 per hour $200 deposit and signed contract required to book wedding. Monthly payment options are available. Credit Card Accepted.




Our Style

Our Services captures your special event in a story telling format. We capture special details in an artistic way. We are more than just a person with a camera, our images is our creative way of viewing the world through the eyes of a lens. Telling a story without adding any words. We have been giving the opportunity to work with many of life's special event including: Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Funerals, Business Conferences, Small Workshops, Intimate Gatherings, Girls Night Out, Graduations, Milestone Parties. Each experience has given us the opportunity to capture what we feel is important. Listening to our Client, Being in tune with our clients’ needs and giving them what they want and so much more. Our unique way to capture a special occasions makes us a great choice to create memories that would last a lifetime and beyond!