2006 When It all began- My anniversary journal

It’s My 11th Anniversary in Photography Service, For the next eleven days, I will journey through my experience of beginning Kustom Kreation Photography…

2006 is when my journey officially begin after history of creating picture art and always toting my camera around capturing many amazing events in my journey in life. After encouragement for others I finally decided to invest in my 1st DSLR camera (Nikon D50) thanks to my personal photographer friend Willie Ross of Ross Photography that advised me of what camera to get started with. Once I was able to purchase  my camera I was eager to capture any and everything. I was now a professional photographer and it was time for friends and family to get on board and hire me for all their photography needs. My initial goal was to be like the 20 minute mall photographer where you go right in take pictures and prints done in less then an hour. I would have my new clients come to my in home studio take pictures and print them off from my inkjet computer and viola! I had a studio & printing facility right in the comforts of home. Over time ideas information and processes change. Grateful for all opportunities that came my way in the very 1st beginning. Every dream has to start somewhere and here’s to my evolution in my photography journey! 

2006 My beginning in Photography

Go Kustom! 

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Labor Day True Confessions - Do the Work!

Labor Day True Confessions: "It's All Good until It's time to do the Work" - I love planning thinking & creating and so much more... I have notebooks filled with ideas on top of ideas!!! It's so much fun to even plan every detail in my imagination... and then it's time to put your thoughts in motion and that's when the real work begins... and those ideas stay tucked away in the beautiful inspiring notebook that I have so many of.... Then there are days that I'm reminded.. you then have a choice is this going to be a figment of my imagination or we going to make this real by putting in the work... Here's to Making small steps to the bigger picture! - 

It's All Good _ Until its time to do the work.png