Portfolio & Perspectives Interactive Workshop! 

portfolio and perspectives workshop

Welcome to the inaugural

Portfolio and Perspective Interactive Workshop.

This workshop is for the most discerning of photographers and event planners and stylists that are looking to build up their portfolio with a style shoot workshop.

To showcase this event, there will be a vast variety of styles on offer and photographers have no limit to the imagination and perspective of images taken.

As a professional photographer, you will be capturing amazing images of a super-styled event with a vast variety of perspectives

If you are an Event Stylist, you can explore and experiment with our themes to be able to get the exact look and feel that you want to create. You can add this to your service offering to seduce your buyers!

All images will be given back to participants for building their portfolio. No questions asked.

This event is absolutely a win-win for everyone involved and will no doubt enrich your portfolio, career and experience.

September 9, 2017

The 1st of its kind interactive workshop that builds your portfolio and leaves you with images that will continue to showcase your style and brand your business and give clients the vision of what you are capable of doing for them.  

Early Bird Registration $375  save $100

Are you a photographer and looking to build your portfolio with beautiful images... Are you a event stylist looking to have beautiful photographs of your work....This workshop is for You! 

We are exciting to be bring to you a interactive workshop that combines event styling/planning and photography. Creating Portfolios with a variety of perspectives! 

Workshop Payments Schedules 

Secure your spot with $125 deposit! Then pay 2 payments of $175 each

Portfolio & Perspectives Payment Schedule