Remembering Yesterday- Patrick & Tonyia tie the Knot!

It was a beautiful Thursday morning September 17, 2015 and this was the date my sister friend was marrying the love of her life. I couldn't contain my excitement. Scurrying together all the details planned out to make this date one to remember. An intimate ceremony for a small group of family and friends. This was the date that Tonyia was marrying her best man! As when planning any event allot of running around securing the last minute details and finally it was time to begin preparing for that moment to walk down the aisle. Early morning trip to the makeup artist once complete on to the house to get dressed and be ready to become one. We surprised the couple with a dessert and beverage bar (cupcakes & ginger ale) to make the moments of this day even more special. A special toast an exchange of cake and kind words expressed by their very dear friends. So perfect yet imperfect! What a beautiful day to remember!  


Official Selection _remembering yesterday T& P Lowe 2015 copy.jpg

Ceremony and Vows 

Dessert and Beverage Bar - After Vow Reception 

A few images of the newlyweds...

Location: Vines Garden Park - Loganville, Georgia 

Dessert & Beverage Bar -  Kustom Kreations 

Thousand and one thoughts on a Wedding Day...

It's Wedding Wednesday and we thought we share of few of our thoughts on a wedding day!

Wedding Day Chaos and More

When I first arrive for a wedding day session. I'm a bit nervous I just want to make sure I'm getting all the images I feel is necessary for the day. However my mind is in total overdrive I'm sweating nervous and working to figuire out what do I do first. You have expectaction from the event planner and you have expectation from the bride and then of course you have expectation for yourself. Your on the verge of mental overdrive.. You working to shoot the images of details scattered with the people and then Oh those beautiful magazine images Oh yeah I have to make sure we get some editorial worthy shots with all that in mind Its just a constant think over load. Weddings being so precise with different things happening at different times. The main build up is preparing for the ceremony and the preparation until then. So you come in at the schedule time. You advise the event staff your here and then I look around grab some details and then I'm off to meet the bride. 

Purple Wedding Details

Preferable she is still getting her makeup done or something of that nature so that I can capture the dress the shoes , jewelry and more. So I'm looking for the most detailed unique editorial way to capture these images. Details and Decor that is what I like.. Until I'm pressed for time.

bridal Preparation Mother Daughter Moment
Bride looking In the Mirror

Then as the bride begins to dress and making sure your not capturing the wrong thing while dressing but some of the most endearing shots that will be treasured for years to come. While your making everyone feel comfortable and your around getting the shots you feel like you need and then its time for you to go and see what are the guys doing.

Groom and His Groomsmen
Groomsmen Matching Socks
Groomsmen Having a Toast

Let me go capture a few of them. Shoes, lapels cuff links socks and grooms in action. The guys are quick and to the point while in your head your crossing off the shot list that exist there saying to yourself I think I got all the shots I need.

Now is it almost ceremony times... Whew let me check... Oh yes it is.. Guest are filling up the sanctuary and I'm running around trying to get some crowd shots along with details up close and personal and running to make sure I get the wedding party lined up and ready to go.

Guest at Wedding
Entering the Sanctuary for Wedding

It's Showtime! 

Happy July Friends!

Happy To Celebrate 7 months into 2015! We've been busy with amazing people celebrating life's special moments. From Family Sessions, Wedding Anniversary parties, Weddings and Birthday Party. It's been a memorable start to this year! 

I love what I do I'm passionate about an opportunity to work and connect with people. Families Events. Images capture become still art. A family an event can be an excellent work of art. Each opportunity that we are granted gives us a chance to capture special moments to pause that moment in time. Each Session/ Special event is custom created uniquely for each session. Our Photo session is an event that you look forward to attending! Keep Smiling! 

Staying Power

20 year Anniversary Photo Session 

We love the opportunity to work with people and assist in celebrating life's special moment. So when we were contacted by Tangie  to book us to capture images of she and husband as they celebrate their 20 year wedding anniversary we were delighted to do so. In preparing for the session we decided to create some custom props that will add a little fun to some of the images captured.