Remembering Yesterday- Celebrating my official Mother's Day

On this day 17 years ago... my world changed and I no longer was living just for me... now I had he :) today we celebrate the birth of my first son Nasim! Today we took a walk down memory lane and I came across some of our images we had taken over the years when we would go into the photography studios which were never a great joy. In those day going to the studio required you to make sure you all were groomed and dressed and for baby make sure they are feed and had their nap. So by the time we arrive at the studio and wait in line... 

Then we discovered the mall studio quick fast and in and out in less 20 minutes pictures back same day and the price was great! 

Nasim the Dream

4 Months old! 

When I first began my journey in photography my goal was to be the in and out in studio sessions! It all begin when I made the investment in my first camera in 2006 and set up my backdrop and offer friends and family sessions for the price of $25! We would be shooting for hours and they would leave with tons of pictures and some prints printing off from my ink jet printers. Reflecting on these moments with my son lets me know the journey we have been on... Today he rarely will take pictures, but will shoot behind the scene images and now studying social media marketing for small business! 

Happy Birthday to My Son! 

4 Months old! 

Nasim the dream

7 months old!

nasim the dream

3 years old! 

January  2017

January  2017