Dear 2018,

So December you made your way to the present and as I made notes to myself starting December 1 , I would begin writing my letter of reflection to 2018! This would be more then a four page letter (my Aaliyah fans would get that ๐Ÿ˜Š) I want to use this next 31 days of December to reflective look back at my year and thank you for EVERY experience, acquaintance, difficult moment , every laugh, every cry, each hug , traveled places, workshops, retreats, broken deals, every sunrise... you name it im writing... Life is so short the moment youโ€™re in you want to Make it last forever or depending on the situation you want it to go away to whatโ€™s next... 2018 you been an action packed movie...Like Whoa!!! So Iโ€™m putting the ink to the paper and running it all the way down